The Whole Truth (and Nothing But).

Transparent pricing, fiduciary process and fee-only care … Because good advice and conflicting compensation don’t add up.

For everything we do, our pricing is fair, transparent and fee-only. You hire us for advice that’s in YOUR best interest – and nothing but. Nobody else pays us anything else to sell you something else you don’t need.

We offer:

Financial Planning

Imagine What You Can Do.

What are your life’s greatest goals? Barrett Wealth Connection’s financial planning service transforms them from vision into action.

First, we’ll discover: What do you want to do with your wealth? Whether you’re planning for retirement, higher education, lifestyle interests, leaving a legacy or all of the above – the sky’s the limit here; no question is taboo.

Next we’ll prepare: Establishing timeframes and priorities; assessing assets and liabilities, anticipating income and expenses; quantifying the financial gap between where you stand today and where you’d like to go.

Fully informed, we’ll establish a clear path toward your goals … a wealth connection, if you will.

Wealth Management

Connect With Your Wealth.

Because life isn’t something you cross off a list, there’s Barrett Wealth Connection’s wealth management.

Your goals are set. Plans in place. Then what??? Prepare as you might, plans change; priorities shift. Challenges appear and opportunities abound. Circumstances evolve: marriage, divorce, births, deaths, career and retirement transitions, financial windfalls and unexpected upsets.

Intricacies arise as well, calling for efficient oversight as you accumulate, invest, spend, bequeath and donate the proceeds of your pursuits.

Throughout, we provide:

  • Proactive Processes – Grounded in careful planning and active outreach, so you always know where you stand.
  • Informed Investing – Strengthened by an objective, science-based approach to managing global market risks while optimizing available returns.
  • Personalized Attention – From living, breathing people just like you. We’re fiduciary advisors, strictly dedicated to you and your best financial interests.
  • National Intellect – Based locally here in Spring Grove, IL, we are strengthened by our independent membership in the national BAM ALLIANCE, as well as Dimensional Fund Advisors’ “science of investing” solutions.

Retirement Plans

Build Employee Abundance.

When it comes to your company retirement plan, you and your employees actually have a lot in common.

Both of you want to advance with confidence toward an abundant retirement. Neither of you want to spend a lot of time on the administrative and regulatory red tape involved. Sponsors and participants alike want to ensure the plan is professionally managed; transparently priced; and governed by fiduciary investment advice, readily understood.

That’s what we’re here for … all of that, and more. For 401(k) and other types of plans, you can delegate your investment management fiduciary duties to us and our BAM Advisor Services alliance. Together, we’ll roll up our sleeves to build on your and your employees’ retirement plan goals.